“Just want to thank you guys again for an awesome ten days.
It was way up there in every way with the best surf trip I’ve done and I have trouble keeping it real when telling people about it! Cheers and I hope business and barrels continue to be abundant for Surf Taiwan. Eric, Anan and Pete are legends!”

Matt McDermott – Australia – March 2018

“What a great trip. We would never have found even half the waves you took us to if we were by ourselves! You’ve a great understanding and respect for the local culture and all the Taiwanese we met were super friendly. You introduced us to some great people.
As for the food, heaps to choose from and so much good stuff. I’ll be heading back next year for sure with Surf Taiwan.”

Anders. K – Germany – February 2018

“The boys and I didn’t really know what to expect of Taiwan, but we happily surprised. We unanimously agree that this was one of the best surf trips we’ve ever done. From the knowledge of your guides (surf, food, hot springs, cool places they took us too) to really nice accommodations – we were surfed out, stuffed from great food (I loved the Beef Noodles from a little shop down an alley that Eric took us to) and had an awesome, stress-free trip. Thanks heaps!”

John S + Mike, Andrew and Wazza – December 2017

“Woohoo! An epic time with Surf Taiwan, we’re coming back for sure. Fun waves, great wave-savvy crew, relaxing hot springs and cold Taiwan beers, Cheers.”

Richard & Erica Montel – November 2017

“The service we received was above and beyond. From airport pickup to drop-off the trip was smooth as. We had heaps of waves on two different coasts, really nice rooms, lots of food (and heaps of choices) and all the shops and markets we were taken to were the real deal, no touristy crap at all. We had a genuine look into the Taiwanese culture and no way we’d have gotten to do this without Surf Taiwan.”

Michael & Anna – September 2017

“We didn’t want to leave! Waaah! Bring back our Taiwanese daydream of hot sunny days, warm waves, and good times. Thanks to Eric and Anan for making the trip so good. Surf Taiwan made us happy, happy, happy!”

Brett, Andrew, Jeff, Bill, Hugh – Sydney, Australia – July 2017

“Best surf holiday we’ve ever done, hands down. Neil took us to great waves (gave us plenty of options), shared plenty of knowledge about the country (and answered our steady stream of annoying questions), the accommodations were really nice, the coastlines beautiful (not packed with tourists, and way nicer than Bali) and all the restaurants we went to and places we visited were the places where only locals go. It was a really refreshing trip. We’d recommend Surf Taiwan to anyone looking for a genuine and friendly, hosted surf trip.”

Michael, Lisa & Matt Weaver – London, UK – March 2017

“Just a note to say how much we enjoyed our holiday. Everything was perfect from start to finish! Anan was such a lovely surf guide, he was so kind and helpful. It was great meeting Eric and Peter, both so friendly and welcoming.
We have already started preaching to our friends how wonderful your company is and will continue to do so and we hope to come and visit Taiwan again hopefully in the not too distant future.
Thank you for everything, we are very happy customers!”
Maja & Dan – England – October 2016.

“This was our 6th trip touring with Surf Taiwan and each time we have had different swells and experiences. 
This time we surfed some new spots which were fun and we also tried some different types of food, a favourite being the dragonfruit iced juices. 
One thing that has stayed constant though is the level of service Surf Taiwan provide and the high expertise of the surf guides. They know the coastline well and are able to determine the best places to surf each day. 
They are also easy to get along with and work with whatever requests you have. And if you just want a break from the beach, they know plenty of places worth checking out; temples, shopping districts, waterfalls, hot springs and restaurants. 
Accomodation is always excellent, clean and comfortable with free wi-fi. 
We definitely recommend touring with Surf Taiwan if you want a relaxed, surf filled, care-free surf trip with experiences you will remember for a lifetime!”
Alan & Cheryl Peat – South OZ – October 2016

“Thank you for another awesome trip! Great waves, plenty of surf each day and again; super friendly people.”
Duane Rogers (and crew) – Central Coast, OZ – Aug/Sept 2016 (2nd trip with Surf Taiwan)

“Thanks to everyone at Surf Taiwan for an epic trip! We scored great waves, the food was awesome and your surf guides are very knowledgeable and great at making sure we had everything we needed in and out of the water – including visiting epic tourist sites and also cool local spots. We will visit again for sure for the winter swells!”
Jon, Jose & Jamie – Sydney, OZ – September 2016.

“Hey there guys just saying a big thanks for making my surf tour awesome! I got what I came for; great, uncrowded waves. I will be back with you! Thanks heaps once again.”
Paul Sola, Sydney, OZ. August 2016.

“I had no idea what a surfing trip in Taiwan would be like – what an eye-opener! It’s a safe and friendly country and I can’t recommend a trip with Surf Taiwan highly enough.
Getting there from Brisbane was seamless there were no problems with five people and our seven boards, some up to 9′ 6″.
We had a brilliant vehicle and driver who doubled as a surf guide. Absolutely nothing was too much effort for Shapung.
Everything from driving 2 or 3 hours chasing nice surf breaks depending where the best waves were to finding a nice hot spa and cold Taiwan Classic beer!
The 7 11 stores are located everywhere and sell everything from cheap alcohol to fire-crackers. They even open corked bottles of wine for you in the store!
The Surf Taiwan accommodation was superb in the two locations we headed. Restaurants were easy walking distance from where we were staying and the whole trip was a breeze.
We surfed a couple of 2 hour sessions most days. The waves Surf Taiwan took us to were uncrowded, consistent and very bloody enjoyable.
It was a well organised, cost effective trip in an awesome, friendly and safe country”
– Bill Moorhead, Bagara, Queensland. March 2106

“Thanks for another great surfing trip. You’re great hosts and we are planning to come back again late this year . . your knowledge got us great waves!!”

Anthony Steele & sons Josh and Alex (repeat clients), February 2016 – Sydney, Australia.

“Thanks so much for hosting us. We had a fantastic time! We found Taiwan has a wide variety of surf of every description. There seemed to be someplace you could find for us almost daily.

Unlike a boat trip or stay at a surf camp, there are so many things to see and do when not actually surfing from sight-seeing and shopping to soaking in one the many hot springs you took us to. Of course the food was exceptional too!

And your guides Wear and Anan deserve special mention as they are awesome people who made sure everything was just right.

We won’t hesitate to recommend Surf Taiwan to anyone heading your way for a unique adventure!”

Ken & Wiggy – January 2016 – Geraldton, West Australia.

“Thank you so much. The trip was a huge success! The surf, people, food, culture and landscape make this place very, very special and we’ll be back next year.

The Surf Taiwan guides made our trip and went above and beyond.

Again thank you and see ya’ in August/September 2016 if we can’t make it back before then!”

Duane Rogers & crew – Brisbane, Australia. May 2015

“Sitting on my board in the surf and looking back at the palm covered hills it was hard to believe that we were not in Fiji but rather, Southern Taiwan.

Our family was blown away by the beauty of the place and the friendliness of the people. Eric from Surf Taiwan patiently drove us through the south coast and up the east coast as we cruised for waves. Eric has lived in Taiwan for many years and answered our many questions on local surfing spots and educated us on the history of Taiwan and the islands indigenous people.

The hotels were quaint and comfortable, food amazing, night markets intriguing and beaches beautiful. We will be back with Surf Taiwan!”
Bruce Seymour & family – Hong Kong. April 2015

“A massive thanks to Surf Taiwan for what was one of the most memorable and fun trips of our lives. The Surf Taiwan crew went to every effort to get us into pumping and uncrowded lineups, as well as introducing us to some delicious cuisine and Taiwan’s culture.

The waves were all time, sessions we will never forget. It doesn’t get much better then spending the arvo surfed-out in the hot springs, sharing a grape beer* with friends. Super Chill!” *There’s also great regular, non-grape beer, in Taiwan too!
Josh Bosnar – Melbourne, Australia. January 2015

“My Fiancé and I had a great time, we will be back with Surf Taiwan! This was one of the best surf trips I have been on in my life. I’ve done 4 tour/dedicated surf trips like this before and about 6 self planned surf trips all over this wonderful world. Surf Taiwan’s Roy was the best guide/host I have ever had. Nothing was ever too much trouble and he was always willing to help and also have a laugh.”
Troy Russell – Gold Coast, Australia. October 2014

“I surfed 7 out of 8 days in the in-between season and scored great sessions on a left on my shorty with just three of us out, in warm water, with stunning scenery and no one else around. Such good times! Surfing-wise that’s enough to get me back again in the on seasons to see what the real waves are like.

We spent 8 days with our host’s Neil and Eric (Surf Taiwan). The boys took great care of us and were always ready to go surfing, shopping, eating or touristing. The trip wouldn’t have been anything as good without these guys and their enthusiastic support, local knowledge and language skills.
Thanks guys for a great trip with the family!”

Ashley Sanders – South Australia – April, 2014

“Thanks for all your time and effort, you certainly showcased what’s on offer and we appreciated the local knowledge that helped make the trip awesome! Happy to speak with anyone on the Gold Coast who would like a recommendation.”
Paul Tarvit (and group) – Gold Coast – Australia

“Surf Taiwan exceeded our expectations. We went on a ten day tour traveling to both the East & South coasts. Our guide was unreal, knew where and when to go to so many spots, was flexible& willing to work with whatever we wanted to do and whenever we wanted to do it, ranging from finding newsurf spots to visiting local cultural sites. A top notch personal service.

We surfed every day, everything from 2 to 4 feet, from head high A-framebeach breaks to left and right point. The waves had plenty of power, were glassy in the mornings and arvo’s and we were surfed out by the end of ten days. Accommodation was great, always clean & accessible to the local sites.

If you want a trip off the beaten track with plenty of uncrowded surf,culture, cheap food & friendly people, Taiwan is the place to visit.”
Frank, Alan & Cheryl Peat – Adelaide – Australia

“A big thank you to Surf Taiwan for such a great holiday. As a returning customer I can happily say they’re very professional, accommodation was great, the food was excellent and the surf was really good even though there was no typhoon swell. I’m looking forward to returning next year again with my wife.”
Peter Squires – Sawtell, Coffs Harbour – Australia

“My wife and I traveled to Taiwan in December of 2011. We used Surf Taiwan and our decision couldn’t have worked out better. From my first correspondence with Neil, he was super responsive, knowledgeable and honest about what to expect on our trip regarding the waves, accommodations and the overall experience of traveling to Asia.

Throughout the trip, the crew from Surf Taiwan was very attentive to our every request whether it was driving an hour to check out a wave that might not be breaking, or into the mountains to check out a local tea plantation. They were not only dialed in to the best waves each day, which made my trip amazing, but also the interesting culture and food of Taiwan, which my wife really enjoyed.

It was also this cultural experience that truly separated this trip from other surf trips and vacations we have taken. The crew from Surf Taiwan made sure that we scored quality, uncrowded waves every day and dove head first into the culture of such an interesting country. I would not hesitate to use Surf Taiwan again or recommend them to anyone who is interested in going to Taiwan looking for waves and fully experiencing the Taiwanese culture.

We couldn’t have asked for a better experience and will be back again in the future.”
Adam Wagner – Manhattan Beach, LA – California

“I only expected to get surf in the 2 – 4 foot range, I certainly didn’t expect the variety of surf on offer nor a 6 – 8 foot day with beach break waves as good as I’ve seen anywhere. And I know we only sampled a fraction of the waves there. 
I also had a bigoted pre-conception that Chinese people were rude and pushy . . . Chinese people may well be like that but I was happy to find out that in Taiwan they’re fantastic. So mellow, polite and friendly.”
Andrew Shields (Photographer) – Gold Coast – Australia

“The narrow coastal plains are crammed with rice paddies . . . those mountains take up all the space! There are spots amongst the jagged lava and hot springs that are just like East Coast Australia.
Fairly warm, fairly fascinating and the people are so friendly and stoked on surfing. The food is the best in Asia, with a fusion of Japanese and Chinese going on.”
Bob McTavish (Shaper) – Byron Bay – Australia

“I thought it [Taiwan culture] would be really conservative but in fact it was very liberal. The waves were a lot better than I expected. 4 – 5ft offshore beachbreaks with a handful of people out! There were waves for everything – noserides, turns and barrels.”
Elliot Dudley – Cardiff – United Kingdom

“The waves in Taiwan are some of the funnest I’ve ever ridden.”
Jon Wegener – (Shaper) Palos Verdes – California

“World Class!”
Chris Del Moro – LA – California

“Along with great waves one of the best aspects of the Taiwan trip was that we got the chance to witness and be a part of the culture, especially when it’s far different from your own way of life. The Taiwanese seemed to be a pretty happy and contented people. The surf crew, which I was surprised existed, was very surf stoked and welcomed us with open arms.”
Troy Mothershead – San Clemente – California