November – March = East Coast.

Water Temp: 22 – 25C / 72 – 77F Climate: 24 – 27C / 75 – 79F

The sparsely populated East Coast of Taiwan offers a host of rivermouths, beachbreaks and pointbreaks. Storms forming near Japan move through the North Pacific and deliver swell to Hawaii in their peak winter season.

Taiwan’s East Coast, sitting within this wide swell window receives an abundance of groundswell. In addition this, there is enough fetch from storms in the North Pacific for plenty of good windswell that’s groomed and delivered in clean, stacked lines.

The waves on Taiwan’s East Coast are suitable for all levels of surfers – from beginners to pro’s and families.

July – October = South Coast

Water Temp: 24 – 28C / 75 – 82F Climate: 25 – 32C / 77 – 89F

The SW Pacific Ocean [southeast of Taiwan] is the most active place on Earth for tropical cyclones to exist . . . activity reaches a minimum in February, before increasing steadily through June, and spiking from July through October, with September being the most active month for tropical cyclones.


Typhoon Info


Summertime brings typhoon swell – just check the vast unobstructed fetch of the Pacific Ocean around Taiwan’s South Coast.

On average, there are 19-21 typhoons per season in the Asia-Pacific region – with perhaps 3 making landfall in Taiwan, usually in the E and NE regions. This is the best season for surf on Taiwan’s south coast – away from the typhoons and open to nice, groomed groundswell.

If a typhoon does get too close authorities will call a land and sea warning, restricting boat and water activities. Even when a warning is called our guides know some out-of-the-way spots where you’re still likely to get wet – plus a weather pattern from a typhoon rarely affects the country for more than 48 hours.

The waves on Taiwan’s South Coast are suitable for all levels of surfers – from beginners to pro’s and families.

Mid-April – Mid-June

Water Temp: 23 – 27C / 74 – 76F Climate: 25 – 29C / 76 – 85F

This is the least consistent time of the year for waves. If you’re keen to do a trip that revolves around surf, we’d recommend coming another time.
But as with other months of the year ​we’re always prepared, fully mobile and ​if there are waves, we’ll get you to them, on either coast at anytime!

​And​ there’s so much do to in Taiwan; markets, temples, restaurants, hot spring’s, mountain drives, island exploration, scuba diving and more – never a dull moment.