South Coast

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Fast Facts

Water Temp: 24 – 28C / 75 – 82F
Climate: 25 – 32C / 77 – 89F
Best Time of Year: July through to October

The Place

Much of Taiwan’s southern peninsula – a crescent-shaped coastline of white sandy beaches, coral gardens and lush topical uplands – falls within the boundaries of a protected national park. Dense forests cover hills and valleys; Monkeys, water buffaloes and dozens of species of butterflies call this area home.


Other than surfing there are many options to keep all amused – night-markets, temples, the National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium (housing beluga whales, penguins and host of aquatic ife), go-karts, diving, snorkeling, and hanging out on a tropical beach. Basically the south of the country is a world away from the frantic pace of Taipei in the north.