East Coast

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Fast Facts

Water Temp: 22 – 25C / 72 – 77F
Climate: 24 – 27C / 75 – 79F
Best Time of Year: November through to April

The Place

Locked between Taiwan’s central mountain range and the Pacific ocean, the island’s rugged and largely unspoiled east coast presents the island’s most beautiful river and coastal scenery. Steep, towering cliffs drop into the sea and rivers cut deep and spectacular chasms into the mountains. A stones throw inland you can find rustic hamlets on rolling hills, tea plantations, hot springs and sweeping valley views down to the rice paddies.


There are plenty of non-surf options available; From Temples to restaurants (local and western), scenic tours, tea plantations, night-markets, national park, hot springs, art gallery, museum and more. In addition, there are mellow bike trails all around the town (suitable for families – free bikes provided). All drives and routes are very scenic.